Graphic Design projects are based on an hourly rate of $90-150/hr. Logo design starts at $500/logo.

Printing is paid directly by the client for all Graphic Design projects. Morin Design, Inc. has several connections with online and local vendors—any discounts or savings become yours!

Please note that for all initial client relationships for Graphic Design projects, a 50% deposit of the quoted price will be due before the project can begin and is non-refundable once design work has begun. The remaining balance is due after project completion*; established client relationships are billed after project completion*.


*A project that extends over a period of time exceeding four weeks will be billed monthly.


Q. When can I expect to see a proof?
Usually you can expect to see a 1st proof within 2-5 business days. Morin Design, Inc. flows all projects according to client deadlines.

Q. In what file format do you need my logo or any picture?
A. For logos it is best to have them in a vector format. Common file extensions are .eps, .pdf and .ai but .eps is preferred. If you do not have a vector logo then send the largest file size of your logo that you have. For photos send high-resolution images in any picture format. Please note that web images more often than not do not convert to print size/quality and most likely cannot be used in print.

Q. What if I don't have live text to provide?
A. Text that has to be retyped will add an additional cost to your project or if the live text you provide is all caps.

Q. How do I pay for printing?
A. After a project has been completed and the final proof has been approved for press production, Morin Design, Inc. will ask you to fill out a credit card release form, to make print purchases on your behalf. Morin Design, Inc. can provide client references.

Q. What if I need to terminate a design project that has already been started?

A. A client may terminate a project for any reason. In the event that this happens, the project will be billed hourly, up to the point of termination. If a flat rate was agreed upon, that rate will be divided based on an estimated layout of the project and will be billed up to the point of termination. If a new client has already paid a 50% deposit of the total design quote, no additional charges will be applied and the 50% paid deposit is non-refundable. Morin Design, Inc. strives for excellence with every project and has never encountered a client that has terminated a project due to design.